Couples and Singles: Find Your Match With These Top Bisexual Dating Apps

Finding dating apps for threesomes, bisexuals, and open relationships can be challenging in today's landscape. Many mainstream dating apps are geared towards monogamous relationships, making it difficult for those seeking non-monogamy to connect. However, in recent years several apps have emerged catering specifically to these communities.

While traditional dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid and Bumble can work, they often require carefully crafting a profile and sifting through many incompatible matches. Apps designed for non-monogamy skip much of this tedious work by connecting like-minded individuals. They provide a judgment-free space to explore relationship preferences.

In this article, we'll highlight the top dating apps for bisexuals and those interested in threesomes or polyamory. The apps include features like swiping, match recommendations, chat and robust profile options allowing you to be upfront about what you seek. We'll outline the key benefits and potential drawbacks of each app to help you find the right platform. Whether you're a newcomer or experienced, these apps make connecting easier so you can focus on dating.


Feeld is one of the most popular dating apps for those interested in exploring threesomes or open relationships. It brands itself as a space where people can explore their desires freely and connect with like-minded individuals.

The app requires users to link their existing Facebook profile during signup, which provides a baseline level of authenticity. You can then choose between solo or couple profiles, with the ability to link profiles if you are a couple. Feeld allows you to be completely anonymous or use your real name, depending on your preference.

One of the best features of Feeld is the ability to join groups and chat with multiple people at once. You can join groups for different interests, fetishes, or relationships styles. This makes it easy to discuss desires, set boundaries, and find compatible partners.

Feeld also has robust filters that allow you to search for specific genders, sexualities, and relationship types. So you can narrow your matches to exactly what you’re looking for. The app is known for its sex-positive community and ethos of open communication.

Overall, if you’re interested in ethically exploring non-monogamy, Feeld is one of the best platforms out there. The large user base and focus on consent and communication make it an excellent choice for threesomes and open relationships.


3Somer is a dating app made specifically for people interested in having threesomes or joining a throuple. It provides a judgement-free space for people to explore non-monogamous dating without fear of stigma.

The app allows couples and singles to create a joint profile and connect with other like-minded people. Users can specify their preferences, such as only dating other couples or being open to singles of any gender. 3Somer also has a verification system to ensure all users are real.

One of the best features of 3Somer is the advanced search and filtering system. You can search for matches by location, age, relationship status, sexual orientation, and more. The app also suggests matches based on your profile and interactions.

Overall, 3Somer creates a welcoming environment for experimenting with threesomes and non-monogamy. The large user base and focus on authentic connections makes it easy to find partners. For couples and singles curious about ethical non-monogamy, 3Somer is worth checking out.


3Fun is a dating app designed for couples and singles interested in threesomes or swinging. The app provides a judgement-free environment for couples to connect and find a third partner to join them.

One of the standout features of 3Fun is that it allows couples to create a joint profile and search for matches together. This sets it apart from other dating apps that cater more to singles. When a couple creates a profile, they can specify their interests, limits, and preferences as a unit.

The app has options for couples to search for either a male or female to join them. Singles can also use 3Fun to browse couple profiles and connect if there is mutual interest. There is a verification process to ensure all users are real.

3Fun provides a way for couples in open relationships or interested in exploring non-monogamy to find like-minded people. The app prioritizes the couple's comfort, boundaries, and desires. Features like private photos and chat help couples maintain discretion.

Overall, 3Fun creates a more tailored experience for couples seeking a third compared to general dating apps. The ability to search and match as a unit makes it easy for couples to find potential partners based on shared interests and attraction. For singles interested in threesomes, it also provides a platform to connect with couples in a transparent way.


OkFun app is a dating app designed specifically for singles & couples. This app provides a judgement-free space for people interested in casual dating, hookups and threesomes.

Some key features of OkFun:

  • Caters specifically to couple look for threesome. The app is open to various forms of open relationships, including threesome, swinging, and bisexual dating.

  • Verified profiles. Users can verify their profiles, providing more trust and authenticity.

  • Focus on casual dating and hookups. OkFun aims to connect people seeking real dating, hookups, not just general dating.

  • Premium membership. For enhanced features like unlimited swiping and messaging. But a free membership still allows full use of the core app.

OkFun offers an safe and discreet platform for those interested in exploring casual dating, bisexual dating and threesomes. The focus is on supporting open and honest communication between users.


Tinder is the most mainstream dating app with tens of millions of users globally. While primarily marketed as a straight dating app, Tinder does give users the option to show interest in both men and women.

You can set your preferences to see profiles of both genders. If you match with someone who is open to non-monogamy, you can discuss looking for threesomes or being in an open relationship. Since there are so many users, your chances of finding like-minded people open to bisexual dating and threesomes is higher.

The key is being upfront in your profile about what you're looking for so you match with people who have similar interests. You'll want to communicate clearly to avoid any surprises or misunderstandings. While Tinder isn't specifically designed for threesomes or bisexual dating, its massive user base makes it a decent option if you're open and honest about what you want.


OkCupid has become one of the most popular dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community. It provides an extremely inclusive space for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

When setting up your profile on OkCupid, you can choose from over 20 sexual orientations and over 20 gender identities. This level of inclusivity is unmatched on most mainstream dating platforms.

OkCupid asks users thoughtful questions during signup to match you with compatible people. The app's matching algorithms don't make assumptions based on gender or sexual orientation.

An inclusive attitude extends across the entire OkCupid platform. For example, it lets users hide or show gender and orientation on their profiles. The app also has robust blocking and reporting tools to help remove harassing users.


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